What Are The Benefits Of Dental Sealants? See Here

2 May 2022
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Caring for your oral health entails brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. In addition, you should visit a dentist for check-ups to ensure that your teeth are well. Preventative dental care helps maintain the good health of your teeth and avert oral issues. One such dental care method is dental sealants. Read below to explore four advantages of these sealants:

They Protect Against Cavities

Dentists apply dental sealants as a thin coating to your teeth. The sealants help to prevent bacteria and acid accumulation on your teeth. As a result, the treatment reduces the vulnerability of your teeth to holes caused when bacteria and acid eat into the tooth's enamel, otherwise known as cavities.

Additionally, with dental sealants, food particles may not get trapped within pits in the teeth to cause tooth decay. You may also not need to deal with plaque build-up, which would otherwise wear away your enamel. Exposed enamel would then pave the way for cavities or tiny openings.

They are Durable

Under the right care, dental sealants can serve you for many years. Nonetheless, your dentist will need to examine the condition of these sealants during your regular dental check-ups. The expert can also reapply the sealant to remedy the problem if they are chipped.

Dental sealants can help save you money in the long term. This is because they protect your teeth for many years and help reduce your visits to the dentist for issues that require corrective treatment, e.g., plaque build-up.

Fast and Painless Procedure

This treatment doesn't require any form of injection or anesthesia. It is also free from pain and discomfort that may otherwise cause a patient to be anxious. 

First, the procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of your teeth. Next, the dental professional dries your teeth and applies an acidic gel that creates a rough surface to bond with the sealant. The expert then rinses off the gel and applies the sealant. Blue light is then used to dry the substance and allow it to adhere to your teeth.

They are Suitable for All Ages

Kids can benefit from sealants because they love eating sweets and candies that may lead to cavities. The sealant layer helps shield their teeth from decay. Additionally, teenagers and adults who have grooves can have sealants to protect their teeth from harmful bacteria.

Furthermore, people who have a history of dental decay can get sealants to help prevent a recurrence. For people who smoke, sealants can be a means to safeguard their oral health. 

Regardless of your age, dental sealants help ensure the good condition of your teeth. Once applied by a professional, your teeth can be safe from various dental problems, some of which are discussed above. A dentist assesses your teeth's condition before applying the sealant.