Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

2 December 2022
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Dental implants are a great way to restore your smile while also improving your oral health. They provide a permanent solution that looks and feels natural, just like real teeth. Unlike dentures, which can be uncomfortable or inconvenient to wear at times, the implant is permanently attached to the jawbone and does not need to be removed for cleaning or other activities. This makes them an ideal option for people looking for a more comfortable and convenient tooth replacement solution. Read More 

Bonding Vs. Enameloplasty For Tooth Shaping

26 October 2022
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It's very common to have teeth that don't match exactly, and cosmetic dentists can change how those teeth look to give your smile a more symmetrical and brighter appearance. Two procedures they can do to change both the shade and shape of your teeth are enameloplasty and bonding. While they both have the same goal, the way they reach those goals varies, and you may decide that one procedure is better for your situation than the other. Read More 

3 Visits to Your Dentist: The Steps for Receiving a Porcelain Dental Crown

26 September 2022
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It makes sense that porcelain crowns are going to deliver the most natural-looking results. It's the closest match for the color and consistency of natural dental enamel. Logically, a resin (acrylic) crown won't come close in terms of looks and durability, and while some metal crowns (stainless steel or gold alloy) may exceed the strength of a porcelain crown, they (unsurprisingly) don't look all that natural. The impressive results of a porcelain crown take time to achieve, but don't worry—it doesn't take all that long. Read More 

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

23 August 2022
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Are you thinking about getting dental implants? Here are a few things to consider that should help you decide whether implants are right for you: Reasons to Get Dental Implants There are several reasons why you may consider getting partial or full dental implants. Dental implants are an obvious choice for those who are missing multiple teeth or who are dealing with a mouth full of infectious teeth. Even if these issues do not affect you, implants may still be an option. Read More 

Can A Dental Implant Be Placed In Receding Gums?

19 July 2022
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There are things in this world that you wish would recede forever, never to return (war, heatwaves, a pandemic). There are other things that you don't want to recede, such as your hairline and your gums. Gum recession is typically (although not exclusively) caused by gum disease. Your gums are literally pulling away from the bases of your teeth. How is this going to affect your upcoming dental implant surgery? Read More