What Exactly Are Dental Veneers?

15 March 2021
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Have you heard about using dental veneers to correct cosmetic problems with your teeth but not exactly sure what they are? Here is what you need to know about dental veneers before you consider this cosmetic dental procedure. 

What Do Veneers Do?

A dental veneer is made out of a thin piece of porcelain material, and it is capable of performing several cosmetic functions. Veneers will be made to the exact color of white that you want, correcting any issues with the shade of your teeth. Veneers can also adjust the shape of individual teeth, which can even increase the width and fix spacing issues. In some instances, dental veneers can also give a tooth additional strength thanks to the layer of porcelain that is attached to the surface. Overall, it corrects the visible surface of your teeth and makes them look great. 

How Do You Care For Veneers?

The veneer surface may be strong, but it still requires regular cleaning. Thankfully, the way that you care for dental veneers is really no different than caring for natural teeth. They require that they be brushed regularly to keep bacteria out of your mouth, and to floss between the veneers to get the plaque out of the hidden surfaces between the teeth. 

How Fast Can You See Results?

One of the huge perks of getting dental veneers is that the results are instantaneous. While it takes some time to make the actual veneers, the process of having them installed will take a single visit. This means that you can have teeth that look great for a special event in the future, which may take a long time to fix using other methods. For example, if you want to fix the spacing between your teeth for wedding photos, veneers will provide instant results. Without veneers, you'd be required to wear braces that will be noticeable to others and take months to move the teeth. 

Do Veneers Get Damaged?

You should be aware that dental veneers are not going to last forever. While the exact length will depend on how each person uses and cares for their teeth, they will eventually need to be replaced when they are to a point where they no longer look good. Since veneers require removing a layer of enamel to attach them to the surface, it is necessary to fix the veneers with a new set so that your teeth look good and are protected. 

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