How Holistic Dentistry Differs From Traditional Dental Services

29 September 2020
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Holistic dentistry differs from traditional dentistry in that it involves whole systems. In traditional dentistry, the symptom, such as a toothache, is treated by filling in a cavity or removing the tooth. With holistic dentistry, the whole system is addressed. Not only is the tooth filled if necessary, the lifestyle, nutrition, or hormone factors that lead to the cavity will also be considered. The following can help you better understand the processes of holistic dentistry.

Toxins Are Avoided

One of the main reasons many people prefer holistic dental offices because there is a focus on keeping toxins out of the body. This means that bio-compatible materials will be used for fillings, bridges, and other appliances -- you won't find mercury-containing fillings in a holistic dental office. Everything from the resin used to make a perfectly matched filling to the stainless steel dental tools will be non-toxic or maintained with solutions that aren't toxic to humans.

Technology Is a Tool

Dental treatments have come a long way, and holistic dentistry has taken advantage of these advances. Although holistic dentists strive for non-toxic and non-invasive treatment options, their treatments are not medieval. Modern instruments and technology grace every holistic dental office because often newer treatment tools are much less invasive so therefore more in line with holistic dental practices. In fact, you may have access to such benefits as same-day crowns with a holistic dentist because they recognize that the least invasive and stressful treatment is one that doesn't require a follow-up visit.

Whole Body Treatment

Although the focus of holistic dentistry is naturally your teeth, a holistic dentist recognizes that issues with your oral health affect more than just your mouth. Further, your oral health is also influenced by systems beyond your teeth as well. Instead of simply providing immediate treatment, such as cleaning or filling, a holistic dentist will look into other aspects of your health and lifestyle so as to create a full dental health plan. This may include providing nutrition or dietary consultation, coming up with stress reduction strategies, or addressing a health condition that is also affecting your oral health. This treatment also extends from physical systems to mental systems, which means a holistic dentist will also perform cosmetic procedures that can help renew your confidence in yourself.

The thorough and gentle treatment provided by holistic dentistry is a good choice for the whole family. Contact a holistic dentist to book your appointment today. 

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