Simple Steps To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

19 August 2020
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A Scene From A Horror Movie 

Imagine this: you hear the sound of a drill, there's weird medical equipment all around, and a masked man is hovering over you while you are being blinded by bright lights. Sounds like a scene right out of a scary movie, right? While it may sound terrifying, this scene also describes a typical visit to the dentist. It's no surprise that studies show nearly half of Americans suffer from some form of dental fear. Despite this fear, regular visits to the dentist are incredibly important to maintain your physical and mental health. Oral hygiene can impact your overall health and your self-image. Even if you have extreme dental anxiety, there are ways to cope with your fear.

Do Your Research

Doing online research is a great way to find a dentist who you are comfortable with. You can often find photos and biographies of dentists on their websites. Learning about the dentist can make it easier to feel relaxed and see them as just another person. You can also learn about the specific procedures you may need to have done. Understanding what is happening in your mouth can make it less scary. 

Explain Your Situation

Many people attribute their fear of dental visits to bad experiences they've had during previous visits. It is a great idea to talk to your dentist before your appointment and explain your concerns. Maybe you've felt pain in the past or a previous dentist was rude to you. If you tell your dentist about your fears, they will take actions to make sure you don't have a similar experience again. This might mean giving you extra anesthetic, walking you through what they are doing, or anything else that would make you feel more comfortable.

Find Alternative Options

For some people, learning more and talking through their concerns isn't enough. The great news is that there are options for everyone. Dental offices often offer measures to make clients feel more relaxed. Your dentist may be able to offer medication, laughing gas, or even intravenous sedation. These methods all have pros and cons and your dentist will help determine which is right for your level of dental anxiety.

Don't Put It Off

Don't let your fear prevent you from taking good care of yourself and your mouth. The longer you wait to get dental care, the more irreparable damage you can cause to your teeth. Find a dental provider that you trust and give them a call today.

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