The 3 Types Of Dental Implants That May Be Used

11 August 2020
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you have a need for dental implants, you likely have questions about what your options will be. While sometimes you need a specific type of dental implant for your specific situation, there are times when people have options for what is being placed in their jawbone. Here are 3 types of dental implants your dentist may present to you.

The Removable Implant

As the name implies, what makes a removable implant unique is the ability to remove the dental appliance from the implant posts. These are sometimes referred to as mini dental implants because the posts have a small diameter. They can be recommended to people that have thin ridges in their jawbone due to bone loss and need those smaller implants in order for them to be placed properly. Many people describe removable implants as dentures, but with a solid base. Since the dentures can be removed, it is recommended to remove them each night for cleaning. 

The Single-Post Implant

Maybe you do not have to replace all of your teeth with dental implants but just a single tooth that needed to come out and be replaced. It is possible to do this with a single-post dental implant. The post itself will typically be bigger than what is used for a removable dental implant, and it is made up of three different parts that come together. The post goes into the jawbone, the abutment attaches to the post, and the crown is attached to that abutment. This type of dental implant is designed to be permanent, so the tooth cannot be removed for cleaning. It will act as a permanent part of your set of teeth.

The All-On-Four Implant

If you need an entire set of upper or lower teeth replaced, you may be a good candidate for an all-on-four dental implant. Rather than using a single-post implant for each tooth, all-on-four implants use four strategically placed implants to secure an entire upper or lower row of teeth. These artificial teeth will rest against your gums and look like a natural set of teeth. You won't be able to remove the teeth once the are installed, since they become a permanent part of your mouth. Even though the teeth are fake, you still need to keep them clean with regular brushing. It is important that you clean off any plaque and stimulate the gums to keep your mouth healthy.