Is Replacing a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant a Good Solution?

20 February 2020
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Were you eating something crunchy or hard when your tooth popped right out of your mouth? Hard pretzels, apples, and even sandwiches with thick rolls can cause weakened teeth to fall out when you take a bite. While it happened unexpectedly, you are probably wondering how to handle this situation. If there is no part of the tooth left in your mouth, talk to the dentist about getting a dental implant. The implant would replace the tooth that fell while you were eating.

Is the Dental Procedure Painful?

If you already have a fear of the dentist, the idea of getting work done might scare you. However, you do want to take care of the missing tooth. Aside from possibly feeling embarrassed about it, your other teeth can start shifting over because of the extra space inside your mouth. If your teeth do begin to shift, they may no longer look as straight as they used to. While getting dental implants is a process, the dentist will make sure to ease your discomfort while using numbing agents on the gums. The dentist applies the numbing agent to the area that is being worked on, waits for it to kick in and fully numb that part of your mouth, and then begins the dental work that is involved.

What Happens When Getting a Dental Implant?

Getting a dental implant involves a few important steps. The dentist needs to examine your gums and check your bone density. Because you have your other teeth and are only missing one, there is a high probability that you are an ideal candidate for a dental implant, but the dentist does need to make sure beforehand. If you agree to get the implant, the dentist will need to numb the gums and then create a small incision right where your original tooth fell out. After making the incision, any damaged root gets removed. The dentist will then insert a rod that will eventually attach right to your bone to provide steady support for your dental crown. 

The dentist will then stitch the incision, provide aftercare suggestions for you to follow to help with the healing process, and wait for the gums to heal. You may have a dental crown attached to the implant a few weeks later. Healing from the incision is a must before the dentist will put the crown in place because the dentist wants to make sure you do not have an infection or any other issue that could cause you pain.

Will People Notice the Dental Implant?

Plenty of people have dental implants. No one will know unless you decide to tell them that you have one. The procedure is not just about filling in that open space with a replacement for your tooth, but it is also about creating a custom crown that is the right match for you. Different people have different teeth. Some have longer teeth, some have smaller teeth. The crown will look like your other teeth in color, size, and shape. It is just as durable as your real teeth, too.

If you lost a tooth while eating something hard, such as an apple, you need to visit the dentist. During the visit, you can discuss the idea of getting a dental implant to replace the tooth. The dentist can complete an exam of your gums and teeth, make sure you are a great candidate for this type of procedure, and then get started on the step-by-step process. While you may be panicking over the loss of a tooth, know that a dental implant is a perfect replacement because the implant will look real and it will be as durable as all your other teeth.