What Options Do I Have After Removing All My Teeth?

18 February 2020
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Most patients want to keep all of their teeth. However, there are some patients who decide that it's a better option to replace all of their teeth because of difficulties that they have due to genetics or a serious injury. Fortunately, there are several alternative options for patients who would like to have all their teeth removed by their family dentist.


The older option for a patient who wants to have his or her teeth replaced is to get dentures. This involves placing the dentures in the patient's mouth and secure the dentures with an adhesive. Some patients prefer not to use an adhesive and simply rely on the dentures being properly fitted.

Because dentures are not really fastened to your gums, they can shift around. This can make it more difficult to chew and speak. Some patients choose to remove their dentures and eat without them and only keep the dentures in place when they are out in public. However, this can lead to digestive problems because you may not chew your food properly.

Your dentures will need to be removed regularly so they can be cleaned and maintained. They will typically last for 5-10 years if they are properly maintained. Then, you will need to be fitted for new dentures and have them ordered. 

Dental Implants

Another way that you can have all of your teeth replaced is to use dental implants. While dentures are typically removable, implants are meant to remain in place permanently. They are surgically implanted and are used for holding prosthetic teeth in place. The prosthetic is often referred to as a permanent denture. This denture can be attached to four implants or can be attached to six implants. 

Dental implants last much longer than dentures. The prosthetic that you attach to the dental implant might need to eventually be replaced, but the dentures can last a lifetime as long as they are surgically implanted correctly. If your dentures are not implanted correctly, you might need to visit an oral surgeon to have your dental implants replaced with new implants.

The more time that you go without teeth, the more that you will begin to develop a saggy look. For this reason, it's often better to keep your teeth rather than replacing them with dentures. However, if you believe that the best option is to remove your teeth, dental implants are likely the best replacement.