2 Sudden-Onset Symptoms Indicating You Need To See The Dentist ASAP

27 August 2021
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When it comes to your dental health, you may already go to the dentist for a thorough cleaning and checkup once or twice a year. You may also know that if you start having oral pain, there is something wrong that needs to be addressed right away.

However, there are other symptoms for which you should be on the lookout that could also indicate the need for a dental appointment. Below are a couple of symptoms that should be addressed as soon as possible, especially if you start to experience them suddenly.

1.  Bad Breath, No Matter How Many Times You Brush, Floss, or Use Mouthwash

One sudden-onset symptom that indicates the need to see a dentist as soon as possible is bad breath. You may feel the need to brush, floss, and/or rinse with mouthwash as often as possible. However, any remedies that you try do not work, continually leaving your breath smelling bad.

If this is happening to you, there are a couple of possible issues that could be present, such as the onset of gum disease, a decaying tooth, or even an infected tooth. This is known as having an abscess. Any one of these problems should be investigated by a dentist to ensure that the degradation of your gums or teeth does not progress or the infection gets worse and spreads.

2.  Tooth and/or Gum Sensitivity Whenever You Drink Hot or Cold Beverages

Especially if you have never experienced sensitive teeth before, its sudden onset could be a symptom of something that needs the immediate attention of a dentist. Normally, sensitive teeth are caused by the gradual erosion of the enamel.

However, if you start to acutely have sensitivity whenever you drink hot or cold beverages, the enamel may have broken through, causing a cavity that has left the underlying pulp, blood vessels, and nerves exposed. You may also have the beginnings of gum disease, which can cause inflammation and thinning the tissue, making them sensitive to temperature extremes. 

If you suddenly find that you have bad breath no matter what you do to remedy it and/or your gums and teeth have become sensitive with no past history of them being so, you may have the beginnings of issues with your dental health, such as gum disease, decay, or even an abscessed tooth. Before these problems worsen, make an appointment with a family dentist near you as soon as possible to have them examine your mouth to find the cause of your sudden-onset symptoms so that treatment can begin.